3 Ways To Enjoy And Serve Your Family This Holiday Season

Family and Friends encompasses those we choose to love, support, and grow with, and can be a great source of joy, but also stress, frustration, and even trauma, particularly during the holiday season. There’s huge potential for impact on our own wellbeing, and those around us, if we delve into the often underestimated yet potent impact we can have in this Sphere of Impact, one of six in a larger framework, including Self, Job, and Community.

The Unseen Influence

In our pursuit of purpose, the Family and Friends Sphere holds immense potential. Our choices to raise empathetic children, support friends on their purpose journeys, and provide dignified care for elders directly impact those around us. These efforts set an example, strengthening personal support networks and increasing collective well-being. Despite its significance, this sphere is often undervalued in our culture, overshadowed by professional or monetary pursuits.

Invisible Labor’s Worth

The invisible labor of raising children and caring for family members has a global economic value exceeding $10 trillion. This crucial work contributes powerfully to purposeful living by fostering secure attachments, curiosity, empathy, and diverse experiences for the next generation.

Modeling Purpose in Families

Raising children is arguably the most impactful contribution to the Family and Friends Sphere. Modeling purpose for our families creates a powerful form of influence. Choices that prioritize meaningful work and presence at home, even with trade-offs, shape children’s values and life choices.

Kate Williams, CEO of 1% For the Planet, shares her family-and-friends choices: “My husband and I have made professional choices to have meaningful work and be present at home. I know that’s part of why my kids are who they are.” These choices required some trade-offs, such as not being able to travel as much or stay as long at the office. But Kate was committed to maintaining that presence at home, had the privilege to make it work, and has had influence on shaping her kids’ values, behavior, and life choices accordingly.

Dignified Aging and Caregiving



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