A Holiday Guide To Intentional Money Choices For Optimizing Impact

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There are six Spheres of Impact in which we can invest to make a difference in the world, starting with ourselves, our families, teams, and communities. Particularly during the holiday and year-end season, the Money Sphere can be a potent source of impact — or waste, negative feelings, and conflict. Here are three key ways to leverage money for positive impact this festive season:

1. Conscious Consumption during the Holidays

With year-end spending on gifts, household items, parties, and travel, your choices matter more than ever. Opt for used items, support local and responsible businesses, and align your purchases with your values. This not only reduces environmental impact but also supports businesses that share your vision, making your celebrations more meaningful.

2. Mindful Investing for Year-End Prosperity

Amid the festivities, explore ways to align your investments with your values. Discover B Corp-certified banks, locally owned credit unions, and investment funds that avoid negative industries. Even small-scale investors can participate through crowdfunding platforms, contributing to positive change in areas like gender equity and environmental sustainability. Ring in the new year with investments that reflect your commitment to a better world.

3. Strategic Philanthropy in the Holiday Spirit

As charitable donations peak during the season of giving, direct your contributions to not-for-profit organizations making a tangible impact. Small, direct, and recurring donations can be powerful, providing reliable support to grassroots initiatives. Consider supporting causes aligned with your values, whether related to gender equity, environmental practices, or community engagement, spreading holiday cheer that lasts beyond the festivities.

Navigating the Money Sphere for a Festive Future:

It’s crucial to recognize that diverse forms of capital serve unique goals, especially during the festive season. A background in the not-for-profit sector revealed the limitations of relying solely on philanthropic capital, sparking the idea of strategic investments in innovative programs that make the holiday season more meaningful.



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