Do Your Job With Purpose, No Matter Where You Work

As we kick off a new year, hopefully buoyed by some downtime, it’s natural to look at our job with fresh eyes. Of course many workers in our economy are not so lucky, and so we can only wish them rest now that the season has passed. And it’s natural — indeed, human — to look through a filter of impact. How does our effort in this role matter? Or does it even matter at all?

Embarking on a purpose-driven journey within your professional realm involves understanding the nuances of the Job Sphere, as one of the six Spheres of Impact in my Impact Dashboard. Whether your job takes the form of a traditional role, contractual engagement, or pro bono work, the opportunities for influence in what you do and how you do it are transformative. As we explore the Job Sphere pitfalls and strategies to overcome them, whether you’re using my guide to do so or not, let’s unravel the factors that shape purposeful choices in your professional domain.

Beyond Traditional Roles

The Job Sphere includes professional activities for which you receive compensation. In the dynamic landscape of 21st-century work, these activities may not conform to traditional full-time roles, allowing for diverse forms of compensation, such as experience, fulfillment, or retirement benefits.

Maximizing Impact: What You Do and How You Do It

In the Job Sphere, your influence extends through both what you do and how you approach your responsibilities. For example, a content marketer could have impact through their storytelling, directing financial resources to underrepresented entrepreneurs. A people manager on the other hand, influences the tone and agenda of her team’s meetings, which impacts the team’s energy, trust, and engagement. Both elements, what you do and how you do it, represent opportunities for positive change you can make in any workplace.

Overcoming Pitfalls: The Path to Self-Efficacy

Making change in your job demands specificity in defining desired outcomes and acknowledging the efforts required. There are several pitfalls that many of us fall into with any form of change, not least of which in our jobs. Working with a wide variety of professionals led me to create this guide about pitfalls and ways to overcome them.



Nell Derick Debevoise, Inspiring Cowgirl Queen

I wrangle people, ideas, and horses to make work healthier, fairer, and more inspiring for all. CEO, 3D Performance, Partner, PurposeFused. Author, Going First.